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In 2020, the RELX Yueke Life Science Laboratory was established. Conduct pre clinical biological risk assessment, such as cytotoxicity, Genotoxicity, acute toxicity test in animals, subacute toxicity test in animals, etc., so as to verify the harm reduction ability of electronic atomization products.

Physical and chemical research

Monitor multiple indicators and impurity pollutants in the atomized liquid, conduct systematic analysis of the E&L (extractable and extractable) materials in contact with the atomized liquid, pay attention to the content levels of various chemical components in the aerosol, focus on studying the potential risk components in the released substances, and accumulate a large amount of data, providing a basis for quantitative risk assessment and other biological and clinical scientific experiments.

Toxicological studies

Conducting a systematic toxicological assessment of aerosols and aerosols, exploring their effects on different body tissues and dimensions, and also serving as a prerequisite for clinical evaluation.

clinical research

Regular tracking of users, observation of changes in various physiological indicators and related Biomarker in vivo, and research on user suction behavior, nicotine pharmacokinetics and other topics.

Long term impact assessment

Study the changes in the characteristics of user groups in the field of public health, establish a comprehensive and complex analysis model, and combine toxicological and clinical research results to predict the impact of electronic atomization products on public health.