Aula RELX Infinity Plus Review: A Premium Vaping Experience

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Vaping has become increasingly popular over the past decade, with millions of ex-smokers making the switch to e-cigarettes. One of the leading brands in the vape industry is RELX, and their newest device – the RELX Infinity Plus – aims to provide a top-tier vaping experience.

In this RELX Infinity Plus review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the features, performance, flavors, and overall value of this premium vape. By the end, you’ll know whether the Infinity Plus is worth the investment for your vaping needs.

RELX Infinity Plus Features

Here are some of the standout features of the RELX Infinity Plus:

  • Sleek, Ergonomic Design – The Infinity Plus features a slim, rectangular body with curved edges that fits comfortably in your hand. It’s lightweight and portable.
  • Large HD Display Screen – The bright, 1.23″ HD screen clearly displays vaping data like wattage, voltage, coil resistance, and battery life.
  • Adjustable Airflow Control – The airflow can be customized based on your preferences, allowing you to tailor each puff.
  • Simple One-Button Interface – The device is easy to operate, with just one main button to switch between modes and activate firing.
  • 950mAh Battery Capacity – The integrated battery offers ample capacity for a full day of moderate vaping between charges.
  • Type-C Quick Charging – Using the USB-C port, the battery can be quick-charged to full in just 45 minutes.

Build Quality & Design

The RELX Infinity Plus has a solid, durable chassis construction. The zinc alloy body feels sturdy, while the scratch-resistant front panel keeps the large display looking new. The device is a bit on the heavier side at 152g, but remains comfortable for extended vaping sessions.

The rectangular shape may feel slightly awkward at first for those used to pen-style vapes, but the contours fit nicely in your hand. The curved edges prevent any sharp digs into your palm while vaping.

The single multifunction button is clicky and responsive. The USB-C charging port snaps cleanly into place with the included Type-C cable.

Ease of Use

Despite its many advanced features, the RELX Infinity Plus keeps operation simple. The one-button interface allows you to:

  • Press 3 times to turn on/off
  • Press 2 times to switch between Variable Wattage and Voltage modes
  • Hold to fire and draw vapor
  • Press once while firing to lock resistance

The vibrant display clearly shows your current mode, battery level, voltage/wattage setting, resistance, puff count, and puff timer.

Everything is controlled through the button clicks, taps, and holds, reducing the learning curve. Even new vapers will quickly get the hang of it.

Vapor Quality & Performance

Now on to the most important part: how does the RELX Infinity Plus actually vape? In a word: excellently.

It delivers pure, rich flavor and dense clouds across its 10-80W power range. The smooth adjustable airflow allows you to fine tune each hit. The automatic temperature control prevents dry or burnt hits. And the quick heat up time means minimal delay between pressing the button and inhaling satisfying vapor.

The proprietary RELXtech 2.0 coils optimize the juice flavor. And the variety of coil resistances (0.8ohm, 0.6ohm, 0.4ohm, 0.3ohm, 0.15ohm) allow matching high VG e-juices for huge vapor production.

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