Introducing the Relx Spirit Point – Vaping Perfection

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The Relx Spirit Point takes electronic cigarettes to the next level with its innovative design and premium user experience.

  1. Pure, Untainted Flavours

The advanced condensation collector traps fluid securely so that only the purest tastes reach your lips. With the safety-focused removable inspection hatch, enjoy total peace of mind.

  1. Sophisticated Yet Functional Form

With its gentle wave profile and tactile finish, the Spirit Point is a joy to hold and prevents slips. This sophisticated damping effect enhances your vaping experience.

  1. Ergonomic Comfort in Hand and Mouth

Extensive testing with vapers helped us sculpt the Spirit Point for optimal comfort in grip and lip fit. The circular mouthpiece and invisible suction holes enable smooth, satisfying performance.

  1. Live Data for Informed Vaping

The accompanying app monitors 7 performance metrics and gives real-time feedback so you can see how your vaping is going. Stay informed and in control.

With its impeccable flavours, intelligent damping, ergonomic design and live data, the Relx Spirit Point sets new standards in electronic cigarettes. Vaping perfection, realized.

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