Overview of RELX Five Generations – Relx Phantom Series Electronic Cigarettes

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After the upgrade from Relx 1st generation to 4th generation, the fifth generation Phantom has been officially launched. Many people are likely attracted by the power prompt of the Relx 5th generation. The trendy and dynamic tidal power of the Relx 5th generation is displayed with a four grid scale power indicator.

On the basis of the previous Relx generations, the battery life has been increased by more than 30%. This reduction in battery life concerns is appreciated by many friends who are away from home.

The Relx 5th Generation still continues the labyrinth air passage, with the 11 layer labyrinth structure that blocks condensate, ventilates and removes oil. It further conducts separate isolation and fine control on the gas exchange and air pressure compensation modules of the atomizing core.

As the latest generation product of Relx, it has been favored by many consumers in both texture and taste, and is a very worthwhile one to acquire.

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