RELX Artisan Review: A Masterfully Designed Pod Vape

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RELX has established itself as a top contender in the vaping industry thanks to its innovative pod systems. The company’s latest release, the RELX Artisan, promises an elevated vaping experience through meticulous design and premium performance.

In this RELX Artisan review, we’ll cover the pod vape’s aesthetics, features, flavor quality, battery life, and overall user experience to help you determine if it’s worth the investment.


The RELX Artisan features a striking, minimalist design centered around simplicity. It has a slim, rectangular zinc alloy chassis measuring just 10.8mm thick, 28.3mm wide, and 104mm long. The lightweight, portable frame fits easily in your hand or pocket.

The matte black finish gives it an understated yet sophisticated look. The only decorations are an engraved RELX logo on the front and a small Artisan branding on the back.

The pod connects flush with the battery and is held securely by strong magnets. The mouthpiece is ergonomic and comfortable on the lips. Overall, the Artisan oozes subtle elegance without being ostentatious.

Ease of Use

In keeping with its streamlined design, the RELX Artisan aims for simplicity when it comes to operation. There are no buttons on the device itself. You just insert a pod and start vaping.

The draw-activated firing means you simply puff on the mouthpiece to produce vapor on-demand. The automatic temperature control prevents dry or burnt hits.

To check battery level, shake the device and the LED light will briefly display green for high charge, orange for medium, or red for low. That’s about as complicated as operation gets.

Vape Performance

The RELX Artisan delivers consistently satisfying flavor and vapor production. Each puff has a smooth, balanced profile with no harshness.

The proprietary RELXtech 2.0 pods use organic cotton wicks and tea fiber coils for pure, accurate flavor recreation. They have a tighter draw that enhances the flavor with the ideal amount of airflow.

The vapor production is not massive, but very solid for a compact pod vape. The clouds have a nice density to them. And you can squeeze out some sizable hits with steady draws.

The flavor comes through clean with no burnt or metallic notes. Overall, the performance matches the premium feel of the hardware design.

Battery Life

The integrated 650mAh battery is a modest capacity by today’s standards. However, the low power output extends the battery life impressively.

For moderate use – around 100 puffs per day – you can easily go 1-2 days on a full charge. Even for heavy use up to 200 puffs daily, the battery should still last through a full day before needing a recharge.

Charging is quick as well. Using the included Type-C USB cable, the battery will replenish in just 45 minutes.

Pod Performance

The proprietary RELX pods have a 2ml e-liquid capacity and come in either 25mg or 20mg nicotine strength. They last for a solid 300+ puffs before flavor starts to decline.

The pod snaps firmly into place using magnets and has only a minimal amount of seepage. No need to wipe it down after removing like some other pods.

Each pod has a silicone stopper to minimize leaking and preserve juice when not vaping. Overall, the pods deliver extended, mess-free performance.

Flavor Options

RELX offers 6 delicious flavors for the Artisan pods:

  • Blueberry
  • Cafe Latte
  • Fruit Mix
  • Lemon Tea
  • Mango
  • Watermelon

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