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Using the latest fourth generation atomization technology for a delicate and soft smoke taste. The unique and innovative FEELM 2 ceramic atomization core provides a purer and purer taste.

The unique wall compartment design seals condensate more tightly with extremely high friction, keeping it securely locked in place without leakage. This makes it more secure and effective.

The ergonomic design has an exquisite and compact aesthetic, with a delicate feel. The product appearance integrates the natural laws of a “round sky and ground”.

It is round and plump, with a soft and smooth surface. The diamond-shaped waistline and composite metal materials are designed with a soft, smooth image without unnecessary embellishments. It has been carefully developed for better service, supported by dozens of processes like hardware, forging, and anodizing technology for perfect polish.

It closely monitors nicotine intake. The automatic breath counting function vibrates and reminds you after 15 breaths in 15 minutes to be cautious of inhaling too much nicotine.

The latest Type-C charging enables faster and more mature charging, fully charging in just 30 minutes.

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