The Fourth Generation of Vaping Excellence

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With its 5 performance indicators and 2 innovative technologies, the new Relx Infinite Series offers an unparalleled vaping experience. The built-in wireless Pogo pin allows for effortless charging, while the slim, portable charging case provides up to 3 days of power* with its hefty 1500mAh capacity.

The Infinite Series features next-generation leak-proofing including a metal seal, maze-shaped leak collector and silicone layer for mess-free vaping.

As the fourth generation release from Relx, the Infinite Series Cigarette and Pod Set improves upon the beloved Alpha and Zero ranges. Vapers have widely praised the rich, nuanced flavours like red bean and mint. The e-liquids contain nicotine to support smokers looking for a healthier alternative with the same satisfaction as iQos and JUUL.

With its perfect, artisanal design and soft, comfortable feel, the Infinite Series is a joy to use. Key features include:

  1. Built-in wireless charging for effortless, rapid power-ups
  2. Constant temperature control atomization enables personalized settings
  3. An ergonomic mouthpiece designed through extensive testing for perfect, comfortable fits
  4. Classic flavours created by in-depth market research to suit all tastes
  5. Crafted around the customer experience for satisfaction anytime, anywhere

The Relx Infinite Series brings excellence in style, performance and enjoyment – the pinnacle of vaping innovation.

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