Which is better for RELX Electronic cigarette from the first generation to the fifth generation?

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Relx has previously released five products, namely Relx Classic, Relx Alpha, Relx Lingdian, Relx Infinity, and the latest Relx Phantom. Among the first generation, second generation, third generation, fourth generation and fifth generation Relx electronic cigarettes, which is better?

As the leader of bomb replacement atomization electronic cigarettes in China, Relx occupies the largest market share of bomb replacement atomization electronic cigarettes in China. Therefore, the speed of launching new products is also fast. Many netizens can no longer identify whether a product is from Relx, as there are currently 5 versions of Relx electronic cigarettes.

First Generation – Relx Classic

Relx’s first generation model is currently the most cost-effective. It has the most e-liquid flavors available, as several flavors are facing discontinuation. There are currently 14 flavors available.

Advantages: Relatively high cost-performance in terms of later use cost, and relatively lower e-liquid prices.

Disadvantages: Condensate accumulation requires regular cleaning.

Recommended For: First-time electronic cigarette buyers. Comes with 3 e-liquids, each with 2mL.

Second Generation – Relx Alpha

The Alpha has a matte texture and better feel. It has larger air resistance than the first generation, providing a more satisfying smoking experience. The e-liquid uses an S-shaped ring design, making it less prone to leakage. Even on an airplane, there is very little leakage. The draw is smoother and eliminates worries about leakage.

Advantages: No leakage, no condensate extraction, and better taste.

Recommended For: Regular smokers or those pursuing higher taste. Also a great gift option, recommended for frequent travelers.

Third Generation – Relx Lingdian

Compared to the second generation, I prefer the taste and appearance of the third generation. The anti-slip cigarette rod design left a deep impression. The first generation was too slippery and would often fall out of pockets. The third generation has anti-slip stripes that I really like. The white, clean, simple and elegant design is great.

Besides the taste, it feels smoother and softer than the second generation. The cotton is soft and the draw resistance is a balanced combo of the first and second gen. Even on the last draw, it’s not empty. The condensate treatment is excellent. You can see it by removing the e-liquid. The condensate is completely locked in and won’t leak out. It also has four layers of silicone sealing, achieving the highest oil leakage prevention available now.

Finally, it can connect to the app for real-time intelligent monitoring, showing puff count and flavor history. You can also lock the device remotely with one click. This is great if you have kids at home.

Advantages: Smooth taste, soft cotton, connectivity and anti-loss features.

Disadvantages: Apart from the higher price, we haven’t found any shortcomings.

Recommended For: Electronic cigarette enthusiasts.

Fourth Generation – Relx Infinity

The Relx Infinity combines the advantages of the previous three generations. It has a similar price-performance as the first gen, with subsequent e-liquids priced at 99 RMB for three packs. It has a matte finish like the Alpha. The flat cigarette holder design is similar to the Lingdian, keeping it close to the mouth.

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