Why Does My RELX Vape Taste Burnt? Exploring the Possible Causes and Solutions

Introduction: In recent years, vaping has gained immense popularity as an alternative to traditional smoking. RELX vape pens have become a go-to choice for many enthusiasts due to their sleek design, ease of use, and satisfying flavors. However, one common issue that users may encounter is a burnt taste while using their RELX device. This article aims to delve into the possible causes behind this unpleasant experience and provide potential solutions to ensure an optimal vaping experience.

Outline: I. Understanding the nature of a burnt taste in RELX vapes A. Definition and characteristics B. Importance of addressing the issue promptly

II. Potential causes for a burnt taste in RELX vapes A. Improper preparation or priming of the vape pod/coil B. Overuse or chain vaping C. Insufficient e-liquid levels in the pod D. Low battery power or voltage issues

III. Solutions to prevent or address the burnt taste issue A. Properly priming your vape pod/coil before initial use 1. Soaking process for new pods/coils 2. Avoiding dry hits

B. Adhering to recommended usage guidelines
    1. Avoid chain vaping excessively 
    2. Controlling inhalation time and frequency 

C. Maintaining adequate e-liquid levels in the pod 
    1.Constantly monitoring liquid levels 
    2.Filling/refilling procedures 

D.Troubleshooting voltage/battery issues    
     1.Checking battery charge level regularly 
     2.Detecting faulty connections 

IV.Common misconceptions surrounding burnt taste in RELX vapes


I.Understanding the nature of a burnt taste in RELX vapes:

Have you ever experienced an unpleasant burnt taste while enjoying your RELX vape? This occurrence can be quite frustrating, but before diving into the possible causes and solutions, it’s important to understand what this burnt taste signifies. The burnt taste often occurs when the e-liquid is not vaporized smoothly or when the wicking material inside the coil becomes charred or overheated, resulting in a pungent flavor that overpowers the desired vape juice notes.

Addressing this issue promptly is crucial for a satisfactory vaping experience. Ignoring it may lead to further damage to your pod or coil, possibly necessitating replacements that could have been avoided with proper care and maintenance.

II.Potential causes for a burnt taste in RELX vapes:

a.Improper preparation or priming of the vape pod/coil: When using a new pod or replacement coil, it is essential to go through specific preparation steps before taking your first puff. Failure to properly prime them can result in dry hits and ultimately produce a burnt taste.

b.Overuse or chain vaping: Vaping excessively without giving sufficient time for the wicking material to absorb more e-liquid can lead to poor saturation, leading to a harsh and burnt flavor.

c.Insufficient e-liquid levels in the pod: Running low on e-liquid heightens the likelihood of dry hits as there won’t be enough liquid for proper vaporization, causing a burnt taste.

d.Low battery power or voltage issues: Using your RELX vape pen with low battery power can affect its performance and cause improper heating of the coil. This imbalance may result in an undesirable burnt flavor during inhalation.

III.Solutions to prevent or address the burnt taste issue:

a.Properly priming your vape pod/coil before initial use: To ensure optimal performance from new pods/coils, following specific priming procedures is crucial. This includes soaking them in e-liquid to allow the wicking material to absorb and saturate properly, promoting smooth vaporization.

b.Adhering to recommended usage guidelines: Avoiding excessive chain vaping or overly prolonged inhalation intervals can help prevent overheating or insufficient e-liquid saturation, minimizing the chance of a burnt taste.

c.Maintaining adequate e-liquid levels in the pod: Constantly monitoring e-liquid levels and refilling when necessary is vital to avoid dry hits. Regularly checking and maintaining liquid levels will provide ample supply for proper vaporization.

d.Troubleshooting voltage/battery issues: Regularly checking your battery’s charge level and detecting faulty connections could prevent voltage irregularities that may contribute to a burnt taste.

IV.Common misconceptions surrounding burnt taste in RELX vapes:

Despite these solutions, there are some common misconceptions surrounding the occurrence of a burnt taste while using RELX vapes. One such misconception is that all burnt tastes arise from an issue with the pod or coil. However, factors like user behavior, inadequate maintenance, and improper preparation can also contribute to this unpleasant experience.


A burnt taste while vaping on your RELX device can be off-putting, but understanding its causes and implementing appropriate solutions can restore your enjoyable vaping experience. By priming your pods/coils correctly, adhering to recommended usage guidelines, keeping e-liquid levels sufficient, and troubleshooting any battery-related issues promptly, you can minimize the chances of encountering this undesirable flavor profile. Enjoy your RELX vape without any unwanted surprises!

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